Pochi giorni fa sono tornati da Dublino, dopo un viaggio studio, frequentando la scuola di lingua CES, degli studenti che hanno viaggiato con noi e hanno deciso di raccontarci la loro esperienza e le loro espressioni su questa fantastica avventura.

Ecco cosa ci raccontano:


The experience in Dublin was a two-week long stage and we really appreciated it. When we first arrived in Dublin, we felt a strong cultural shock. There were a lot of different things: the people, the food, the culture, the weather and, of course, the language. But eventually we got used to all of these things and enjoyed every crumb of our Irish experience.

When we first met our host families, we were all nervous: the firs impact with native language speakers is never easy, everyone was afraid of saying the wrong thing or making mistakes, but eventually we found out that Irish people are very understanding and sympathetic, and the problem disappeared.

Another way of testing out knowledge of the language was school. It was amazingly interesting and funny and we learnt a lot of useful things. It was an unusual kind of school, because every day we played different games that were both amusing and useful for learning new words and for improving our language competence.

Almost every day, after school, our teachers took us to see some of the most important places and monuments in Dublin. We saw the two main Cathedrals (S. Patrick and Christ Church) and we got an  “overdose” of culture with the visit to the National Gallery, the statue of Oscar Wilde and the Sweney’s Pharmacy. Our teachers organised many great activities which were meant to make us learn in a different way. The most fascinating tour was probably the one to the Cliffs of Moher, astonishing and intimidating precipices that made us feel invisible in front of the immeasurableness of nature.

Another surprisingly good thing about Ireland was that there were at least 2 or 3 pubs in each street.

In conclusion, we would all recommend this experience because it was fun but also useful for the improvement of our language skills.

Lo raccomandano anche gli studenti stessi. Cosa aspettate? Siamo a vostra disposizione per ulteriori informazioni!